We have a comprehensive range of fixings available and can advise you on which may suit your construction project or application the best. Our brands includes; Fischer Fixings, Spit Fixings,  Liebig, Lindapter and many more.

In addition, all our stock includes approval such as: ETA, WRAS, Vibration Approvals, Fire resistance, SOCOTEC, Tensile zone approval, Dynamic loads, Seismic loads and many more.

Fixings North West stock a full range of specialist fixings needed for a wide range of construction projects and applications. We carry all the top brands such as Fischer Fixings, Spit Fixings, Liebig Bolts, and Lindapter for a wide range applications and products that include; Sleeve Anchors, Tapcon Screws, Insulation fixings,  hammer fixings, frame fixings, safety bolts and through bolts.

If you’re looking for some fixings advice on Sleeve Anchors, Tapcon Screws, Insulation fixings, Fischer Fixings, hammer fixings, frame fixings, safety bolts or through bolts, look no further than Fixings North West. 

If you have any technical specifications that you need particular advice on please do not hesitate to speak to the team today on 0800 014 7755 or contact us via e-mail.

‘Fixings North West...offering an unrivalled service at a competitive price’

Buying These Products

We’re sorry these products aren’t available to order online but we do stock these items in our warehouse. You can buy them by calling 0800 014 7755 or contacting us by email.

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